The Firelight Collective Townsville

Roots Rock Reggae 

The Firelight Collective Townsville NQ.

Townsville’s Reggae, Rock,  Dance Band

The firelight Collective work hard to deliver an engaging Reggae-Rock experience taking the audience on a pulsating journey of groove and heart. With the Rastar vocals of Bobby Osae / Bob Karma and the lyrical delights of Heather Armstrong, Mark Hillman and Matt Rodes, the guitar gymnastics of both Mark Hillman and Leon Whip, the groove bass of Matt (Ratman) Rhodes and the skillful beats of Dylan on drums, debie on percussion, we are there to have fun and entertain, We play a veriety of genres and sets which include a mix of originals and covers we welcome you to join our journey. Music makes the world a better place, we have some beautiful voices and a big umbrella.

The Firelight Collective

Bobby Osae/Karma Reggae

Bobby Osae reggae townsville

Bobby Osae, Karma Reggae Lead Vocals, Bass guitar, Percussion.

Bobby’s love for reggae started at a young age in Ghana where he played in bands and worked his way up to being one of Ghana’s most sort after musicians both vocally and behind the bass guitar, his vocals and stage presence truly light the fire

Booby adds his rich reggae vocals and a lifetime of the reggae vibe to the Firelight sound.

A seasoned musician who has worked and toured extensively both nationally and internationally and is available for collaborations as a studio musician for recording vocals, bass guitar, and percussion.

Edward Osae the fire light collective 2021
Heather Armstrong Firelight Collective
Heather Armstrong Firelight Collective

H/Heather Armstrong

Lead & Backing Vocals

Resident bard and lyrical gymnast; Heather has the versatility to song you to the spot, pulling lyrical genius from the ether.

From rock to jazz – she will light your fire with her delivery of emotion.

Heather also heads her own band Miss Haitch & The Pockets –  and is well respected and loved within the community.

“Dylski” – Dylan Howells


Dylan likes to play drums, paint, and sing.

He is also guitarist, singer, and songwriter for his own original band, Colloidal Silver – as well as drummer for local legends Astronaut Launch Party.

Dylan has been a stalwart of the Townsville music scene for many years, having played in many other bands and contributed to the community in various ways. He is also resident banner painter for both TMPAS and Full Throttle Theater Company


Dylan firelight collective
Mark Hillman Firelight Collective

Mark Hillman

Lead & Backing Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar, MIDI Guitar

Mark Hillman is an experienced performer in both the Townsville music scene and the Australian festival circuit. He has busked his way along the east-coast and developed his skills as a showman and musician along the way.

To the Firelight, he brings his exceptional guitar skills and firey, distinctive rock/blues vocals, and a passion that translates to fire on stage.

Mark is also an established solo artist, experienced audio engineer, and talented composer. He is available for sessions and studio work in all of these capacities.


Matt Rhodes/Ratman

Bass Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals, Synth Guitar

Matt has a beautiful way on the bass; he’ll find that space, sit you there, and groove.

He has a passion for many genres (including Funk and Prog. Rock) and this shows in his highly skillful playing.

Matt is a member of other local outfits Trash Meow and Catfish Blues Band.

He is also a skilled studio engineer, having produced several recordings for local artists.

Ratman Rhodes Herbert reggae gig
Matt Rhodes

Leon Whipp/Leon Lion

Rhythm and lead guitar / a young Lion growing up into a legend.

Leon is incredibly expressive on guitar and works hard to go right into the song, pulling you along on the journey with him – his riffs light the fire to the language of guitar 

Debie Djembe

Djembe, Congas, percussion. More cowbell 

Debie has a big love for all things percussion and her musical roots are in West African drumming.

She works tirelessly to bring music (particularly drumming culture) to the Townsville community, and puts that same loving energy into hosting the Firelight’s regular Reggae nights and arranging for similar opportunities to share Reggae and Afro culture through music.

Debie also plays with Deep Sea Creature another fantastic Townsville Band and manages a well-established local drumming group called Drumbumba.

And is the website person. 

Drumming with a reversed shoulder replacement has been an interesting addition to timing =  anything is possible!

Gregory Asio Pappas and Epizo at a firelight gig
Greg and the band

Gregory Asio Pappas/ dedicated sound technician

Greg is our resident sound engineer, having him on our crew enables us to travel with our own sound wizard, and present our best sound no matter where we play, Gregory has a love for sound engineering he gets the best sound mix both for the band on stage and for the public listening pleasure, he has many years experience under his belt in running stage events and brings the sound we all want to hear.

Based in Townsville North Queensland

Reggae Rock Blues Funk Acoustic Fire

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The firelight collective are looking for a keyboard and brass people to join the journey

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We deliver engaging entertainment

Rasta Reggae with a mix of rock blues n funk.

Old school reggae covers plus original music.

Townsville North Queensland

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